STM Welcomes Mahatara Youssef!

mahatarayoussefSTM Welcomes Mahatara Youssef to the team as our Yogo instructor.

Mahatara Youssef was born in the United States, sharing both African and Native American cultures. Being born into an artistic family Mahatara spent her life with the world as her back yard, while dancing and performing with her family. She raised with a Zen lifestyle; beginning Yoga and Sanskrit Mantras at the age of 11. Holistic living, health, and wellness naturally became her life’s work. After spending many years traveling around the world, she has now returned to the U.S. and is continuing her passion of teaching Yoga and Zumba while raising her three daughters. Mahatara begins each Hatha Yoga session with deep breathing and vibrational tone mantras. Following gentle stretches and ‘deep breathing that relax the mind, body, and spirit; while adding slight Vinyasa variations for a deeper stretch. Mahatara’s Yoga sessions are unique and special because while resting in Shavasana she gives each of her students a soothing Aromatherapy massage that helps to further relax the mind and body. Finally the yoga session ends with, Kundalini breathing that balances the left and right sides of the brain, and Sanskrit Mantras that will leave you feeling calm, peaceful, and one with creation.

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