Pricing Options

Monthly Subscription    
PackageCommitmentTotalMonthly CostTotal Classes$/class
1/week3 months$177$5912$15
2/week3 months$300$10024$13
2/week6 months$534$8948$11
3/week3 months$375$12536$10
Subscriptions automatically renew after commitment unless you cancel.  
Classes expire at the end of each month.    
Annual Commitment Special    
PackageCommitmentTotalMonthly CostTotal Classes$/class
2/week12 months$1,020$85112$9.11
 + 1 bonus class/month     
Walk in1 week$20$20  
5 pack3 months$75$15  
10 pack3 months$145$15  
12 pack3 months$168$14  
Packages automatically renew after 3 months unless you cancel.  
Classes expire 90 days after your purchase.   
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