A cycling camp is for the athlete who wants to increase their riding skills, get faster on the bike and ride in a pace group, shoulder-to-shoulder at speeds above 25 MPH. A cycling camp is for the athlete who wants to soar through the mountain forests, the desert dunes or the ocean coast while, all the time, a friendly competition is always in order. You will ride at elevated heart rates and power output.

STM Cycling, has been to 7 training camps over the last 16 years and plans on many more because he loves the 6 day challenge. There are several places to find a training camp that is right for you. One free resource is You will find all sorts of bike races, recreational rides, fund raisers and training camps. STM has also attended Peaks Coaching Groups camp in Bedford, Virginia twice and cannot wait to go back.

Peaks Coaching Group

Peaks Coaching Group is the leader in training with power. They literally wrote the book on training and racing with a power meter. With over 50 coaches throughout the world, featuring three USA Cycling Power Instructors, five PhDs, numerous former professionals, and 200+ years of combined experience, Peaks Coaching Group is ready to help you achieve your goals. For 20 years and counting, they have hosted a variety of both domestic and international training and adventure camps. Peaks Coaching Group invites you to learn, train and dine alongside the best coaches on the globe. Their legendary camps feature a mixture of classroom and skills instruction with daily rides and sightseeing.

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A cycling vacation is for the athlete who enjoys the freedom of being able to cycle almost anywhere in the world. When you go on a cycling vacation, you ride at your own pace with a group of friends & family that you choose. You can ride with intention or at a leisurely pace so long as you make it through designated check points throughout the day. There will be plenty of personal time to explore the area on your own or in larger groups.

STM Cycling has gone on vacations put on by and also and we always have a great time.

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Training Camps VS Vacations

Not sure which is best for you? We’ll help you decide…

WAKE UP 5:30 AM 8:00 AM
BREAKFAST 6:00 AM Relaxed
RIDING DESCRIPTION With Intention Relaxed
SCENERY Amazing Amazing
LUNCH Good – Very Good Amazing
POST RIDE Massage & Meeting Adventure
Dinner & Evening Excellent With Meting Amazing