Our Team

Adam Berg

Adam Berg, the founder of STM Cycling, is passionate about having fun cycling. He’s been cycling for 16 years, ridden many Century Rides and road raced for 5 years. After learning that to really get fit and fast, you have to take a scientific approach to training; He studied and has ridden with Power, Heart Rate, Rate of Perceived Exertion and Cadence data for most of his 16 years cycling. He has ridden in Texas, Florida, California, Virginia, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. As well as internationally in Mallorca, Spain and Florence, Italy.

STM Cycling is the result of putting all of this together: A scientific workout, that is ‘social’ and also includes nutrition training as a component.

Mahatara Youssef

Mahatara Youssef was born in the United States, sharing both African and Native American cultures. Born into an artistic family that she danced and performed with, Mahatara spent her life with the world as her backyard. She was raised with a Zen lifestyle, beginning Yoga and Sanskrit Mantras at the age of 11. Naturally, holistic living, health, and wellness became her life’s work. After spending many years traveling around the world, she has now returned to the U.S. and is continuing her passion of teaching Yoga and Zumba while raising her three daughters. She follows gentle stretches and deep breathing that relax the mind, body, and spirit, while adding slight Vinyasa variations for a deeper stretch. Following gentle stretches and ‘deep breathing that relax the mind, body, and spirit; while adding slight Vinyasa variations for a deeper stretch. Mahatara’s Yoga sessions are unique and special because she gives each of her students a soothing aromatherapy massage that helps to further relax the mind and body, while they rest in Shavasana. Finally the yoga session ends with Kundalini breathing that balances the left and right sides of the brain, and Sanskrit Mantras that will leave you feeling calm, peaceful, and one with creation.

Paul De Santis

STM Cycling is very proud to introduce our newest instructor, Paul De Santis, an avid cyclist.

After graduating from college in 1996, Paul pursued a career in music. To make ends meet, he worked as a kennel hand and dog trainer at a local veterinarian’s office. His lifestyle afforded him ample free time to spend mountain biking. He eventually went to law school, acquired a dog from a band-mate, and gained the perfect mountain biking buddy. He tried his hand at racing, which didn’t go so well, and purchased a road bike to gain more endurance. Paul joined a cycling team in 2003 and over the past 13 years, he has become a competent Category 3 roadie and a fixture in the area cycling community.

As an all-around rider without any special knack for climbing or sprinting, Paul races aggressively to form small break-a-ways. His attacking style means he has finished as the Lantern Rouge far more times than he has won. As a time-crunched professional, he uses power training as a means to train smarter and improve his ability to produce watts on the bike so he can survive in long break-a-ways. Paul is excited to teach classes and share his love for bikes at STM Cycling.

In 2015, Paul founded Good Velo Club (“GVC”) as a way to give back to animal welfare causes. GVC is a USA Cycling-registered club supporting the Baltimore Humane Society. You can learn more about the club at www.gvc.bike.

Mel Freeman

“Live my life making yoga accessible to everyone” – Mel Freeman’s Philosophy

My yoga journey is quite short compared to the great teachers who have helped me along this path. Initially my yoga career began by attending a couples yoga night with my wife, Carol, where most of the other men in the room were also there to keep their wives happy. The night ended with some acro-yoga with my wife holding me in the air. I did this yoga class once a year a few more times, but I did not really understand the true benefits to my mind, body and spirit that yoga realizes. My wife decided to take us on a yoga retreat so I began taking yoga more prior to the trip, and subsequently, weekly after returning from the trip. This is where I began to truly understand the amazing healing and transformation that accompanies a regular yoga practice. As life progresses, we encounter highs and lows and sometimes we don’t know how to manage the lows; fortunately, yoga helped me through a very stressful job and depression from a cancer scare. Once I began practicing yoga regularly, I started to hear about the journeys of other yogis and began to consider becoming a yogi myself 200-RYT, leading to my philosophy to make Yoga more accessible to everyone.

Gregory LaCour

I moved my cycling journey indoors in June 2016. At that point I started learning how to use STM’s philosophy of Science, Technology, and Math to benefit my overall health. I quickly learned how power and data are the key components to improving my overall conditioning.

In June, I was producing 120 watts and was exhausted by the end of the workout. Over the next few months I hit my stride, improved my fitness, and raised my watts to 205. At this point I was convinced STM classes were worth the effort and started teaching classes. I enjoy passing along the knowledge I have gained since June and watching our athletes improve their overall wellness. The best part is letting our athletes know I have reduced my weight by 16 pounds, my heart rate is down, and my doctor is thrilled.

Outside of cycling I am an avid golfer. I would rather walk 18 holes than take a golf cart, but my physical condition limited this activity. Now, not only do I feel comfortable walking 18 holes, if asked I could walk 27!