Indoor cycling is one of the most popular forms of fitness today. These classes are usually high energy, highly motivating and just plain fun. There is great music and the lights are dimmed to create an exciting atmosphere. I started tried indoor cycling several years ago because I wanted to continue to ride my bike through the tough weather seasons around Baltimore but I got so dang cold when we went outside in the winter. A group of us always got dressed up with winter gear or rain gear and we rode outside most of the year round in the crappiest of climate.  One cold & dreary day I tried a spin class. I loved it so much that I signed up for and successfully completed the “Spinning” certification class to become a spinning instructor. I wanted to learn more so I rode most every spinning class offered. I loved this new exercise, however, I felt, for me, something was missing. The reason I felt this way is because I have always been an outdoor human who has explored the technical paradigm of the sport in which I participated. I participated in soccer, wrestling and lacrosse starting in 3rd grade. Starting as a small boy with a wooden (yeah, wooden… before the plastic ones) lacrosse stick I performed Scoop to drills & Scoop away drills, I performed Pass to & Pass Away drills as well as lots more drills. I performed the same 10 – 12 drills in 3rd grade, in 4th grade, 5th, 6th and every year all the way through 2 years at the Towson State University NCAA Division I varsity lacrosse team for Coach Runk. Guess what….. the team still practices those same drills today. We practiced those same simple scoop drills ……….every…….single…..practice, until, ultimately, we could scoop a ball while sleeping… without even thinking about how to scoop the ball. Thirteen years of lacrosse practice taught me that drills are fundamental to success.

This constant drilling is part of physical preparation. Physical preparation was but one structural component of success of an elite athlete. Another key structural component of success is the ability to focus, the ability to be “in-the-zone” spiritually so as to be able to accomplish a movement, literally, without even thinking about it, which, is exactly what all elite athletes can do. This structured, methodical, measured feeling was missing for me.

I decided that I need to marry indoor cycling on these extremely heavy….no moving anywhere….stuck inside… no coasting….. bikes to my outdoor cycling lifestyle.  Using everything I have learned from the worlds top cycling coaches such as Hunter Allen, Robbie Ventura, Joe Friel and Brian Walton as well as world’s top cycling sports physiologists such as Dr. Andy Coggan & Dr. Allen Lim, I created STM Cycling.

Adam Berg

I started riding a bicycle again in June 1999 and I have not stopped yet.

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